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AFN Productions

 2021 Music Video Reel 

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Greetings and welcome to! My name is Aidan Notarianni, and I am the founder of AFN Productions. AFN Productions is a Canadian business based in Winnipeg providing services all over Canada. Whether you're selling a product, capturing a special moment, or just in need of new content, it is important for your story to be displayed meaningfully and in the highest quality. In our day in age, the best way to attract new customers is through your online image. With social media, the sky is the limit for any business no matter the size. I have extensive knowledge and experience in social media marketing and production with an emphasis on video, photo, and editing. This includes music videos, creating commercials, taking portraits, creating cover art, creating videos using green screens and much more. We'd love to help you capture your moment or grow your business to its fullest potential, click the "Let's Chat!" button for us to get started!

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